We value all young children and babies as individuals and want to help them discover that learning is interesting and fun. We also support all aspects of your child's development so that they can reach their full potential.

We know that choosing the right nursery for your child is of paramount importance to you and share your priority which is to give them the best possible start. We have many years experience of working with parents and children. Our aim is to understand and accommodate your requirements and to meet your child's needs. We offer unrivalled care and attention to ensure that you feel secure in the knowledge that your child is cared for in safe and enjoyable surroundings. It is our view that your child will thrive in our loving home-from-home environment that encourages exploration and investigation through play.

For all children in our care we follow a broad play-based curriculum that meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and which allows your child to progress at his or her own rate. It supports development of communication skills, co-operation and collaboration with others to give them confidence to participate in their environment and the activities on offer.

Our Key Person System

An important element of our childcare and education philosophy is the role of our staff and their relationship with you and your child. We take great care in supporting your child to settle into nursery. To assist this, we allocate a member of staff or 'key person' to your child. This 'key person' will build a special relationship with them and help to meet their needs while they are in our care. They will offer security, reassurance and continuity (they will often be the one to feed, change and soothe your child) and are in the best position to understand individual needs. The 'key person' will be someone for you to share information with about your child's time in nursery. They will help them to develop relationships with other members of staff. When they are ready to move into the next room, for instance, from the baby to toddler room, their 'key person' will be there to help them, and you, develop a relationship with, and confidence in, their new 'key person'.

key person will provide your child with a secure environment with effective adult support allows them to explore and investigate. Children can practice and develop ideas, concepts and skills in a unique and non-threatening way, without fear of failure. We use our 'key person' approach as a way of enabling and supporting close attachments between a member of staff and you and your child.

Observation, Planning and Assessments

We believe that careful planning is required if play is to be of a high quality. Our skilful and perceptive staff will take the time to observe and understand your child's individual needs and interests. Play opportunities, resources and interactions can then be planned and provided appropriately for their age and stage of development.

Staff will interact with your child in order to support and extend learning through knowledge and understanding. They will make suggestions, ask open ended questions and talk informally with them, introducing new vocabulary and concepts. They will participate, demonstrate, offer choices and encourage your child to try out new skills, allowing them to experiment, encourage persistence when things get difficult, and inspire them. Every aspect of their learning is equally important and interdependent. The children will be able to reflect on, and evaluate activities in order to plan future play effectively. Staff will keep areas safe and tidy, and encourage children to respect and return the things they have finished with to their rightful places.

Soft Play Room

Play and Learning

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory framework to aid our planning. This ensures that children in our care will become competent learners and skilful communicators. We encourage your child's curiosity about their environment. In our care your child will learn through interaction with people and active exploration of the world around them through touch, sight, sound, smell and movement. They will quickly develop confidence, skills and knowledge and discover that learning is interesting and fun.

Play supports all aspects of your child's development. Children learn by doing, by being given appropriate responsibility and when they are allowed to choose and make decisions. We respect and enable children to become autonomous and competent learners. We operate a free flow system that facilitate and provides children access to both indoor and our outdoor facilities at will allowing children freedom of choice. Children are also able to select which activities to play with, and decide when to help themselves to a drink from the self service drinks table. We want to foster curiosity and retain a sense of wonder and surprise so that our children are enthusiastic about new things. These simple concepts are so important as they progress to school. Our experience is that our children are calmer and more engaged in activities when they have solid experiences from which to learn. It is also a foundation for the development of more abstract thinking: conversation, questioning and experimentation improve so that we see learning actually taking place.

We know that you are especially interested in how we support a child's emerging literacy skills. We ensure that print is all around them in the form of books, posters, labels on shelves and names on pegs. We use writing materials in all areas within the nursery so that we take literacy to the children rather than waiting for them to access it. This helps to foster a positive attitude to reading and writing and encourages them to experiment by making up shopping lists, filling in forms and writing letters and stories.

A fun loving and nurturing environment

we have designed the nursery environment to be both cosy and stimulating. the resources, furniture and equipment we provide have been carefully chosen to ensure that they are of the highest quality. all resources are attractive, accessible and displayed in a way that invites your child to investigate, explore and develop sensory awareness. we have computers that children have unlimited access to. we also offer a wide range of experiences in clearly defined areas of the nursery including sand, water and paint to help stimulate their creativity and develop independence. cosy areas of the nursery are reserved for stories, rhymes and songs. carpet, mirrors and wooden toys enhance tactile and visual stimulation, and our environment is designed to encourage physical skills such as crawling, sitting, standing and walking. the babies in our care are introduced to discovery play including treasure baskets that contain a mixture of natural materials that differ in feel and texture.

We know that your priority is to find a nursery that offers the right setting for your child and one that also understands the importance of earning the trust and confidence of you, the parent.

At Russell Hill Road Day Nursery, we devote our energies to creating a fun and loving environment whilst delivering the best in childcare and education.

Our objectives are to create a positive and motivating experience that will, in turn, play a important role in your child's future learning and development. We have endeavoured to be the best and have invested heavily in resources, recently re-equipping the nursery with new toys and furniture. We have put a considerable amount of thought into the children's play equipment so that it is designed in a way to invite exploration and stimulate through active learning. Our friendly, highly trained staffs are focused on providing fun and education. They work to ensure your child develops as an individual whilst helping to nurture and encourage learning through discovery and enjoyment.

Not only do we offer education through creativity and play but pride ourselves in understanding the importance of instilling confidence and enthusiasm from an early age. We want the children in our care to feel secure and happy from the outset of their time with us, so that they are enthusiastic about returning back to the nursery tomorrow!

Parents/ carers are invited to visit and see for yourselves!


Free Provision for Three and Four Year Olds

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to the Nursery Education Fund (NEF) which enables them to have free nursery provision of 15 hours per week. NEF funded places are available for term time only which at present is 38 weeks per annum. Children will need to be either 3 or 4 years old before the head count day. Head count days are carried out at the beginning of January, April, and again in September. The NEF grant is not treated as a subsidy, and parents will not be requested to pay any top up fees, unless their child is accessing more than 15 hours per week, or more then 38 weeks of the year. The setting liaises closely with the parents, and provides flexible childcare arrangements that meet the individual needs of our families. The setting will not discriminate against those families wishing just to access our facilities for the free entitlement only. Please see our administration policy. If you require any additional information you can contact Croyden children's information services on: 0845 111 1100.